Heart for A Heart

Here at Golf Gals not only are we about looking our best, but also feeling our best too! The Healthiest version of you is the BEST Lifestyle, the only Lifestyle! We believe that all begins with your Heart. A Healthy Heart is a Healthy you. For every individual product that is liked more then 50 times on Golf Gals Instagram Golf Gals will donate 50% of that products sales to The American Heart Association! Why?! Because Heart disease is a little closer to home to the Golf Gals Team then you may think...So what can YOU do? It's simple, go to our Instagram page @golfgalsllc find the product piece you love from any of our collections and like it! It's that simple! If that individual product piece gets more then 50 likes then BAM! Golf Gals will give 50% of that products sales to The American Heart Association! So what are you waiting for?! Get over to our page and start liking the styles you love! 
- Golf Gals 
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