Mother's Inspired. We LOVE our Moms.

So I wanted to hijack the blog this week, brace yourself for typos (hence why I never write the blogs)! But, I cannot think of a better way to celebrate Mother's Day other then to share with you my story about my mom & our business Golf Gals. 
golf gals
At first when my mom mentioned to me Women's Golf Clothes! I couldn't really wrap my head around it because I do not Golf. My mom, she loves to Golf! And she proceeded to tell me about the demand for women's clothes, clothes that are fashionable, wishing they had different sizes, and wanting to be able to wear them anywhere! Clothes, I thought... well I love fashion & I only shop online! So we researched, I started looking online and MAN did I fall in love with what I was seeing! But we did not stop there, rather, that's where we started. My mom said "look, we are going to go to the PGA show." I had no idea what I was in for BUT I researched again like crazy and that was it! We met so many vendors, learned about clothes, the styles, the brands, the demands, it was amazing! I was hooked! I since have poured every ounce of myself into this business and Golf ( Women's golf apparel especially). 
golf gals
It has been crazy launching our brand during a pandemic.. but we are passionate and already have an amazing customer base. So we are enjoying the grind! 
What I enjoy the most... is working with my mom. I never thought in a million years that my teammate, partner, and colleague would be my Mom. I continue to learn so much about the force that she is and continue to grow an abundance of appreciation for the individual she is. I am an incredibly lucky and thankful daughter with very big shoes to fill. But I am most thankful that through our business I have a platform to express and share just how much my mother is respected and loved. 
So... show your Mom some love! In this crazy time we have, well, a lot of time. My advise... reflect. Reflect on your Mother & share with her every ounce of how you feel- trust me, she's worth it.
golf gals
Happy Mother's Day Mom! Let me take the week to celebrate you & even that would not be long enough! We are here because of you- Thank You! 
And Mom... don't email me with all of my typos, just yet! 
Mother's Inspired. 
- Brittany 
golf gals