Let the Holiday hangover subside & let's Welcome 2020!

Welcome to 2020 and welcome to our website, the launch pad for all things fashion, golf, leisure wear and most importantly women. After the hangover of the holidays subsides many of us find as we roll into January, albeit we actually crawl in-we don't really roll in, that it is the perfect time to reflect on the past year, set some lofty goals for ourselves, write down our New Year resolutions and dig deep to start implementing changes in our life.
golf gals women golf apparel
Here at Golf Gals we are no different than you. For the past few years we have been brainstorming about the type of clothes we want to sell, the demographics of our customers and the way our brand can support and encourage women everywhere. Finally we are ready to be a part of your very busy and successful life.
golf gals women golf apparel
Although the saying "by women, for women" applies to Golf Gals, we have decided to move beyond the gender identification of our company and focus on you, our customer. Whether you have climbed the corporate ladder and broken through the glass ceiling, are a stay-at-home Mom, are self employed and work out of your home or are navigating work and school, we support you, admire you and yes, we want to help clothe you.
golf gals women golf apparel
 We appreciate the choices women now have when it comes to their education, career paths, personal relationships and how they choose to live their lives. Supporting women of all ages is what we do. We want our customers to feel their best, to look their best, to be comfortable whether in the boardroom or in the bunker. As we move through the year together we will challenge ourselves as we try to achieve our goals. Subsequently we will share with you new designs, new styles and fabrics and new collections as we continue to improve the beautiful woman inside all of us. And along the way we will all realize a Lifestyle Inspired by You.
Hop on the golf cart and let's enjoy the ride together.
Photo Credit: Sarah Pflug 
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