It's Time to Find Your Happy Place

I really thought by now the Pandemic would be in our rear view mirror and we, as a country, would be in full recovery. Boy, was I wrong. Am I the only person who misses my crazy, chaotic but otherwise mundane pre-Pandemic life?
With that being said, I believe we all need to work a bit harder to find our Happy Place. You know it, or at least I hope you remember it. It is the place we go to when we want to forget about the news of the day and leave the stress behind us. We want to do something we really enjoy and just chill. For me, my Happy Place is a double-edged sword. I love to cook and bake. For those of you that know what I am talking about, you also know that with the cooking and baking comes the enviable position of eating what we create. Although that is the best part of cooking and baking, the extra calories we consume leads to a very unwanted weight gain. It is a direct result of devouring our wonderful cooked-with-love food. Which brings me to the exercise part of this blog.
We love our exercise-it is a true and proven stress reliever. Whether we are indoors or out, using weights, machines, equipment or just our God-given body, exercise is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. Most of us know what the benefits of moving our body are, so the question remains, why don't we do it more often? Speaking for me personally, I know how hard it is to get out of a rut once I am in it. It is a bit more comfortable to stay firmly planted on the couch watching TV or reading a good book than it is to take a jog the rain.....when it is windy and 50 degrees. I am stating the obvious with that comparison.
Let's go back to the benefits of exercise. When I do get motivated to move around, golf and swimming are my two favorite activities. I try to swim every day, which for me personally, is a great stress reliever (unless the water is too cold in which case I am a total wimp and I don't even get in the pool)! I try to golf as much as my schedule will allow and I have to admit, walking across a well manicured course is my Happy Place. I start the golf experience by picking out what I am going to wear. Then as all women know, my outfit isn't finalized until I select a glove that matches my clothes. I know that sounds odd, but I can see all of you out there reading this nodding your head in agreement. I clean my clubs, turn my phone off for three hours and head to the course. No TV, no phone, no children yelling in the background. Just me, my playing partner, the ball, the beautiful course and nature at its finest. It is the best three hours I could ask for.
This slice of utopia isn't exactly stress free. I won't go into how ugly my game might be on any given day. Actually, on most days. I know you have seen me out there. I'm the one hitting the ball on a par three on the ground, the ball never lifting into the air. I'm the one walking across the green six times for a five-putt, or as my husband likes to say "Just put me down for a snowman". Ah, the lovely 8 on the scorecard. I am the person marching off the green, salty language flying through the air as I promise to "Never play this stupid game again"! I am also the one high-fiving my partner when I sink a putt for a birdie. That's me fist pumping the air when I hit my driver long and down the middle of the fairway (yes, I did say the middle). That's me offering to purchase the first round because I played the last hole perfectly. As the old saying goes, it's the last good shot that brings you back again. 
That my friend is my typical round of golf. Although I have good days on the course and bad days, just being outside doing something I really enjoy, away from the craziness that is my daily life, reminds me that everyone needs to find their Happy Place. I encourage all of you to find yours, step outside of your daily routine and do something for you. Have fun,turn off the noise that is now part of your daily life, move your body and cleanse your mind. And never forget, at Golf Gals we are here to support you in your quest to achieve a Lifestyle Inspired By You.
- Joy Hancock