Have some extra clothes laying around?! DIY Face Masks Here

Well folks, it looks like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully our country will be open for business again within the next few months and life as we know, albeit a bit different, will resume. 
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If you recall when this Pandemic started I discussed that while sheltering in place it would be a good time to clean out your closets and drawers. I took my own advice and cleaned out most of my closets and it was amazing to see how much "stuff" I had that I will not ever wear or use again. I'll admit there was one junk drawer in the kitchen I opened and immediately closed-I just didn't have it in me to tackle that mini disaster. For those of you that still have bags of clothing you were going to donate check out this DIY face mask " how to"-I think if you give this idea a try you will be some of the most fashionable mask wearing women out there! 
golf gals
*NOTE: The PA Department of Health suggests that masks be made from two layers of tightly woven 100% cotton fabric.
You'll Need:
  1. Two pieces of Fabric - 9" x 7.5" & 7.5" X 7.5" OR One 10" x18" piece of fabric 
  2. A needle
  3. Thread 
  4. An iron ( optional)
  5. Two elastic bands, ties, or even hair ties! 
  • Begin by folding your fabric in half along its longer edge, so that it measures 5 x 9”. Make sure that, if your fabric has a pattern, the pattern is on the inside.
  • Take your needle and thread and sew along the long, open side of the fabric (a simple running stitch will work). You’re essentially creating a small tube, with two openings on each of the shorter sides.
  • Once sewn, turn the fabric inside out so that the stitches sit on the inside.
  • Take an elastic band and insert it around the cloth on the short side. Fold about 1” of cloth over the rubber band and sew along the length of that side, making a casing for the band so it fits securely in place. Repeat for the other side and, voila! You’ve made a mask! And best of all, you’ve played a definitive part in helping to safeguard yourself and the community around you.
Now, just go through those old clothes and watch the video here
golf gals
Let's face it, if we have to wear face masks we might as well look good. Enjoy this craft and check back soon for my Get in Shape and Look Good Doing It blog coming soon. Take care and stay healthy!
golf gals