Finding Leisure Time at Home

Now that most of us are stuck at home due to the COVID 19 outbreak a lot of us are forced to find ways to entertain ourselves in our own living room.
I don't want to give away my age, but I can remember when finding fun things to do at home as a child and young adult was the norm. With no cable, no tablets, no cell phones and no streaming I guess you can say life was pretty basic "back in the day".
That being said I had to gently remind the younger generation in my family that it's OK if you are tired of watching your favorite streaming channel. Maybe instead of staring at a monitor or cell phone for hours on end pick up a book in the genre of your choice. Play in the yard with your kids, bathe your dog, wash your car or layout your garden. And when you are done soak for a long time in a scented tub surrounded by candles. Then put on some really comfortable clothes, some fuzzy socks or pull on your favorite tights. For me my go-to comfort outfit consists of tights, an oversized long sleeve shirt and my fuzzy hot pink socks.
I can see the eye rolls already but ladies, lets face it. We all have that go-to outfit that screams relaxation. It doesn't have to be pretty and the colors might not match but when you pull it on you can feel the tension start to seep out of your muscles, your shoulders relax and for just a moment all is right with the world.
In these stressful times, which I hope will only last a week or so, take time to relax and take care of yourself. Put on your favorite casual clothes, think of a different activity you can do at home, unplug yourself from the chaos in the world right now.
Take care, stay safe and stay healthy. And remember above all continue to develop a Lifestyle Inspired by You!