Are You Still Loving Yourself?

 OK, so the holiday of hearts, roses, chocolate candy and sometimes gifts is behind us.Valentines Day 2020 is in the books. For many it was a day of sweet gestures, of our loved ones reminding us that we are thought of with love, one special day for lovers every year. For others it might not have been so sweet-maybe there weren’t roses, chocolates or jewelry handed to us across a dinner table while we dined on Filet Mignon by candlelight. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but I am sure someone, somewhere had good food and an incredible ambiance while they dined. Others, not so much.
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Which brings me to my next point, although society tries to convince us (and the media joins in willingly) that we must receive gifts, candy and sparkly baubles in velvet boxes to feel loved that is just not true. So if we shouldn’t expect or demand love from others, where do we get it from? Love is an emotion and many times hearing the words “I Love You” brings joy and happiness to us, a sense of all-is-right with the world especially if we are hearing those words from someone we have the same feelings for. Let’s turn the tables a bit though-how about we start saying those words to ourselves. I know, some of you reading this will inevitably say “of course I love myself, why wouldn’t I”? Which leads to my next point, if you love yourself what do you do for yourself? How do you show yourself you love yourself?
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Here at GG one of the goals of our business is to help women learn to really, really develop and nurture who they are. Not the Mom you are to your kids, or the wife you are to your significant other. Not the employee or employer who shows up for work every day or the daughter still trying to please your parents. We are talking about who you really are and how you express that identity. Through fashion, health and fitness you will find if you follow our blogs that we will share with you tips on developing the real you, expressing your inner beauty (because we are all beautiful on the inside and out) all while continually feeling better and better about yourself.
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So now that we can move past who loves us and who doesn’t, join us as we encourage other women to develop their own individual lifestyle. We can start to say goodbye to winter as we experience the rejuvenation that spring brings. Pick one area of your life you want to improve   and let’s tackle it together. As we roll through 2020 on our “love yourself” adventure we encourage your feedback. We continually get positive emails from our customers who are doing the same thing we are discussing in this blog. If you are growing internally whether it be emotionally or physically we ask for your feedback. Know that we are there for you and we support you. We encourage you to follow us on social media so we can all lift up each other with stories of success. Remember, this is a Lifestyle Inspired by You-live it to the best of your ability.
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